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Avocado Shape A Imprint Clay Cutter

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Avocado Shape A Imprint

Designed for use with Polymer Clay
Sharp Cutting Edge
Comfortable easy grip base

Our Avocado Shape A Clay cutters are available in a range of sizes ideal for polymer clay jewelry making and other crafts. Find similar shapes in our Fruit & Veg clay cutter collection.

Avocado Shape A Imprint Clay Cutter Sizes (mm) :

  • Length: 15 x Width: 10.5
  • Length: 19 x Width: 13
  • Length: 25 x Width: 17.5

(accurate to within +/- 0.5 mm)

Our clay cutter shapes are specially designed for polymer clay jewelry making. Each of our cutter shapes are uniquely designed and manufactured by us to help you create your own polymer clay earrings and more. 

Our Clay Cutters are made to order by us in Thailand, please allow 1-2 days for order processing.


  • Cutting Edge is Less Than 0.5mm, leaving clean cuts that require minimal sanding.
  • Clay Cutters with Inner Shape imprints are 2mm below cutting edge.
  • All our clay cutters are designed with a sturdy thick base for extra strength and comfort.
  • Clay cutter color may vary depending on material availability.
  • Our clay cutters are a 3D Printed product made from PLA, a bioplastic made by from plants such as corn, cassava and sugarcane.
  • Polymer Clay and any other decorative elements in the photos are not included in the sale.
  1. Make sure your conditioned clay is rolled firmly on to your work surface.
  2. Lightly dip the cutting edge of your clay cutter into corn starch.
  3. Press the clay cutter firmly on to your clay then pull it back up.
  4. For best results repeat from step 2 for additional cuts.


*Corn starch is used to stop clay sticking to the sides of your clay cutter, water can also be used for this. 

  • Hand Wash with soapy water.
  • Don’t place cutters near the oven or store in direct sunlight. Excessive heat may cause warping.
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