Geometric Shape Clay Cutters

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  • Framed Elipse Shape A Clay CutterFramed Elipse Shape A Clay Cutter
    Framed Elipse A
    from: ฿70
  • framed squircle Shape Clay Cutterframed squircle Shape Clay Cutter
    Framed Squircle
    from: ฿75
  • Framed Rounded Rectangle Shape clay cutterFramed Rounded Rectangle Shape clay cutter
    Framed Rounded Rectangle
    from: ฿85
  • Framed Rhombus Shape Clay CutterFramed Rhombus Shape Clay Cutter
    Framed Rhombus Shape
    from: ฿85
  • Framed Circle Shape Clay CuttersFramed Circle Shape Clay Cutters
    Framed Circle Shape
    from: ฿65
  • Chevron Shape C Set
  • Triangle Arch A
    from: ฿55
  • Capsule Shape C
    from: ฿90
  • Capsule Shape B
    from: ฿75
  • Squished Hexagon B
    from: ฿115
  • Rounded Rectangle A
    from: ฿55
  • Reuleaux Pentagon
    from: ฿60
  • Reuleaux Nonagon
    from: ฿65
  • Reuleaux Heptagon
    from: ฿65
  • Pillow Shape A
    from: ฿75
  • Kite Shape B
    from: ฿100

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Shop our selection of geometric shape clay cutters. Perfect for making earrings and other polymer clay creations.