Moiko Palm Leaf Silk Screen



ซิลค์ สกรีน ลวดลายใบปาล์ม

  • ซิลค์ สกรีนที่นำกลับมาใช้ซ้ำได้ ผลิตโดย Moiko.
  • สำหรับสกรีนบนดินโพลิเมอร์
  • ลวดลายขนาด: 70 มิล x 130 มิล


Endless creative posibilites using these silk screens from Moiko, designed for use with polymer clay.

  • Prepare flat polymer clay sheet
  • Place the shiny side of the silk screen face down on polymer clay (MOIKO logo should be readable, not mirrored )
  • Use a roller to lightly press the silk screen on to the clay.
  • Take a small amount  of acrylic paint (thick consistency works best) and evenly spread it over the screen with a squeegee or old bank/loyalty card.
  • Slowly remove the silk screen by lifting one edge to the opposite edge.
  • Don’t let paint dry on your sink screen!
  • Place Silk Screen in a bowl of water directly after use, make sure it is completely submerge.
  • Handwash the silk screen with running water adding a little bit of detergent at the end.
  • Place silk screen on paper towels and let it dry completely before using again. 
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